“How much does TowTrack Cost?”
Our brand new full featured version is $2400.  This will get you the program with all features active and up to 10 workstation licenses.  This special price includes your first 6 months of tech support.

“Can I get more information about TowTrack?”
You can simply call or email us for a full working demo. Try it out on your own computer registered to your company for up to 3 months for free!!  We also have a simple demo available with a “demo” database.

“How does tech support work?”
Tech support is an annual subscription. Each year during your open enrollment period you’ll have the option of enrolling in support. Your tech support enrollment includes tech support for a period of one year as well as any updates released in that time. We are currently including the first 6 months of support free with every new sale.

“Is TowTrack web based?”
No. TowTrack is a program installed locally on your system.  Your data will be located on your server or stand alone computer.  We don’t hold your company history hostage.

“How many users can I have?”
You can have as many registered users as you need. TowTrack was designed to be flexible enough to take care of a small shop running just a truck or two to a large company with a fleet of trucks and drivers.  If you just need one or two computers, a simple peer to peer network with a shared drive is fine.  If you need more, running Remote Desktop or Citrix allows many more simultaneous connections as well as remote locations or truck based devices.

“What kind of computer do I need?”
TowTrack will run on any Windows based computer from XP to Windows 10 and Server 2019.  If you use a Mac, running Parallels or a similar application will allow you to run TowTrack also.