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TowTrack is a powerful and easy to use program.  It has been shaped and guided by our customers’ input for over 15 years.  The result is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to run your business the way you want to run it, not the way your software makes you run it!

Here are just a few of the highlights

Incident Screen:   Most of our customers begin a call in our Incident Screen.  This screen is designed to allow you to see as much information about your call as possible while still maintaining an attractive and well laid out look and feel.  Configurable drop down fields are used wherever possible to speed data entry and ensure accuracy.

The Incident Screen is the main entry screen where calls are managed. (click image for larger view)


Dispatch Screen:  Our busier customers use the Dispatch Screen to manage larger fleets.  A dispatcher can view all of the active calls at once in a large grid while still using clear and simple entry fields at the bottom of the screen to enter new information. TowTrack uses a very flexible paging system to send calls to just about any device.

The Dispatch Screen displays active calls and allows cleared calls to be verified before they are priced and completed.  (click image for larger view)

Search Screen:  The Search Screen in TowTrack can be used to search for vehicles using a wide variety of fields.  Any combination of fields including partial text searches (such as partial VIN numbers or license numbers) can be used to locate a call in the system.  Once the call or group of calls is located, you can scroll through your results, view them in a grid, run a report on the calls, or open a specific call in the main Incident screen.

The Search Screen allows for flexible search capabilities.  (click image for larger view)

On Lot Screen:  The On Lot Screen allows TowTrack users to see everything on their lot at a glance.  You can sort the calls by any column, and filter the calls by Lot or by Auction.  If you sell multiple vehicles to a single buyer at auction, the On Lot screen will allow you to release/redeem the vehicle, make the payment and write off any remaining balance on every vehicle at once.

The On Lot Screen shows you what’s in your inventory!  (click image for larger view)

Reports Reports Reports!  What good is it to put all of the information into a program if you can’t get what you need back out?  At TowTrack we understand that reporting is one of the most important aspects of any management software, and it is one of the most personal as well.  In addition to the large assortment of standard reports included in TowTrack, we take the time to customize reports to fit your needs!  Need a monthly report to satisfy a local police department? No problem!  Do you want to use your own impound notice or lien letter? No problem!   Not every towing company runs their shop the same way, and we make sure our program meets your needs!

Here are a few examples of our reporting…

Billing Statement

Washington State Paperwork